AISCO E-Car Fire Blanket

Electric car fire extinguishing aid

Electric cars that catch fire pose a special problem, especially in multi-storey car parks. Here, too, realistic training is essential, and that includes targeted use of car fire blankets.
A high-tech car fire blanket for electric car fires can be a sensible solution in this case.

The fire blanket contains the radiant heat and, if necessary, smothers the flames by depriving them of oxygen.
An extinguishing gas that can extinguish the flames is filled under the fire blanket using the optional filler neck.
Fire brigades recommend equipping all car parks with e-car fire blankets as a first responder option for fire extinguishing.

Technical specifications:

  • Heat resistant up to 1300 °C
  • Size: 6 m x 8 m
  • 4 large loops
  • Optionally with extinguishing gas filler neck


  • wall cabinet ideal for
    multi-storey car parks
  • Alu-Tragebox für Feuerwehren

Available in a wall cabinet or only in a practical bag


With extinguishing gas filler neck