AISCO IndoorTrainer

The ingenious result of 30 years of experience in simulation technology

  • Fire protection training in the lecture hall
  • No extra equipment required
  • No gas or water consumption
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly
  • State-of-the-art digital technology
  • 3 different fire scenarios: Solid fire — Electrical fire — Liquid fire
  • Excellent learning value for “correct conduct in the event of fire”
  • Absolutely real fire extinguishing
  • 1:1 electronic practice extinguisher
  • Warmth sensation via integrated heat generator
  • Burning smell
  • The only digital fire trainer for training firefighting in a team
Your customers will truly appreciate not having to go through the practical fire safety training in wind and weather!

You can conduct professional fire safety training anywhere with the AISCO IndoorTrainer. The AISCO IndoorTrainer holds up well in comparison, and can even do significantly more than conventional gas-powered fire trainers.

Unique worldwide: virtual training for fire extinguishing in a team

The AISCO IndoorTrainer is the world’s first patent-pending virtual fire trainer that also allows you to train firefighting in a team.
The main focus of the AISCO IndoorTrainer is on how the flames behave in various fire extinguishing scenarios.

The IndoorTrainer includes:

  • Mobile base unit
  • 55″ monitor / diagonal 138 cm
  • Fire alarm with tripod
  • Two electronic practice extinguishers
1:1 electronic practice extinguisher

  • Real design
  • Real weight
  • Real sound
Integrated fire alarm
“Conduct in the event of fire”

3 fire scenarios

A-fire wastebasket

B-fire liquid fire

Electric fire