Professional fire training

More than 25 years experience.

Made in Germany.

AISCO Firetrainer E 100

AISCO Firetrainer Caddy Pro

AISCO Firetrainer E 1502

AISCO Fire Trainer

Everything about professional fire protection training.

Since more than 25 years building the best fire trainers available today.

Made in Germany.

Certified for your safety.


AISCO Firetrainer has specialized in safe and eco-friendly fire trainer systems for over 25 years. In many places the name “AISCO“ means the leader in quality and innovative fire trainers.

AISCO Firetrainer invites you to find out what private companies, fire brigades and fire schools throughout Europe already know: when you need a fire trainer you need an AISCO Firetrainer, the best fire trainer in the market today.


Double certification

All our products are certificated CE and TÜV.
For your maximal safety!

CE certification

TÜV certification

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AISCO Firetrainer in Europe & worldwide


AISCO Firetrainer have built a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced mobile fire trainers available today. We aim to make our products widely available and to provide localised support where possible.

We have distributors and representatives in some countries but we are looking for expanding our market into other countries too.

Right now AISCO Firetrainer is covering directly all German speaking countries (GermanySwitzerlandAustria) and selling directly to the rest of the world in english language. Currently we have customers in Turkey, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and in several european countries.

In specific countries we are collaborating with official distributors (DenmarkItaly).

If you’d like to find out how to get in touch with your local official distributor or if you’d like to become an AISCO Firetrainer distributor please send us your details using the contact form.

Please fill in the form even if your country is not (yet) listed.

We are pleased to get in touch with you!

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