AISCO Fire Trainer E 100

„couldn’t be cooler“

The E100 is a modern firetrainer / firetrainer that grows with your needs.

Why do so many customers choose the AISCO E100 fire trainer?

  • innovative and convenient expansion system, resulting in extremely low initial costs
  • expandable through a plug-in ignition element with manual remote control
  • Important: the E 100 AISCO Firetrainer is TÜV approved in accordance with §14 BetrSichV
  • low maintenance and follow-up costs, the perfect low budget solution
  • Ingenious, uncomplicated and simple Handling
  • as an AISCO Firetrainer Customer you profit from our customer discounts
  • The AISCO E100 Firetrainer is AISCO compatible.You therefore have Europe’s leading manufacturer at your side as a powerful partner with the largest selection of fire trainers and related products.
  • it couldn’t be safer


AISCO Firetrainer - Fire Trainer E 100 Manuell Basic
Picture: E 100 Manual with the option: „Safety record for all AISCO modules“
The modern fire trainer E 100 manual from AISCO offers our best solution for beginners .

Thanks to many expandable extension systems that are low in maintenance and follow-up costs, the E 100 manual fire trainer is the perfect low budget solution.

The fire trainer grows as needed and easy handling makes fire prevention training easy and safe .

The large surface  fire area can be used to fight  A, B and C fires with an impressive flame pattern.

Thanks to the pull-out handle and wheels, the transport and movement of AISCO fire trainers is extremely practical.

Important safety aspect: the AISCO E100 Firetrainer is TÜV approved in accordance with §14 BetrSichV.

The AISCO E 100 fire trainer  is AISCO compatible . This means that you have Europe’s leading manufacturer at your side as a strong partner with the largest selection of fire trainers and accompanying products.


AISCO Firetrainer - Fire Trainer E 100 Set
AISCO Firetrainer - Fire Trainer E100: mobil


Mobile, light and compact.
AISCO Firetrainer - Fire Trainer E 100 mit PSF 3in1


The perfect one man fire trainer.
AISCO Firetrainer - Fire Trainer E100 Brandfläche


One that does everything and never lets you down thanks to the unique AISCO Emergency system.

AISCO security systems for use in emergencies

AISCO Firetrainer E 100 - Features and characteristics

FeaturesE100 ManualE100 Complete
stainless steel
A, B, C fire
large surface fire area
AISCO compatible
Weight20 Kg.20+ Kg.
Dimensions16 x 68 x 75 cm16 x 68 x 75 cm
clean and practical handling
5/11 kg. Gas cylinder compatibility
AISCO security system for emergency operation
Safety holder for all AISCO modulesexpandable
fully automatic ignition / gas regulationexpandable
Handheld remote controlexpandable

TÜV certification

TÜV certification

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CE certification

CE certification

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