E 100

Caddy SE

E 1502


Why our customers have chosen AISCO fire trainers:

  • AISCO Firetrainers are portable and easy to handle
  • and perfect for Training Task Forces
  • upgradeable with the AISCO safety loop and emergency set
  • TÜV approved according to §14 BetrSichV
  • expandable with a large assortment of different accessories
  • as an AISCO Firetrainer Customer you can enjoy the benefit of our
  • Customer Special Prices by for example purchasing the AISCO Filling Station
  • You choose Europe’s leading manufacturer, a strong partner at your side with the largest selection of Firetrainers and additional products
  • AISCO is your partner for service and maintenance all over europe
  • AISCO fire trainers are simply the best Firetrainers on the market
  • There is nothing better…until we develop it!

AISCO Mobile Firetrainer - Comparison table

FeaturesUL 1E 100CADDYE 1502
Professional level■■■■■■■■■
Fire type A/C
Fire type Bmit Aufsatz
Height20 cm16 cm28 cm26 cm
Width40 cm68 cm60 cm81 cm
Depth40 cm75 cm71 cm136 cm
Weight7,7 Kg20 Kg37 Kg.67 Kg.
TÜV Certification
CE Certification
suitable for all AISCO attachments and expansion modules

UL 1



E 100


E 1502