AISCO Dangerous Goods Trainer



m rail system


m height

cbm stainless steel tank

m length


  • 7 cubicm stainless steel tank / folding railing
  • computerized control technology
  • integrated gas supply system
  • Roll-off container with tool shed
  • automatic tank roll-off system
  • IR camera surveillance in the tank
  • horizontal flame thrower for up to 10 meters
  • Industrial valve
  • 7 liquid / fire leaks
  • Flow fire simulation
  • Tank explosion simulation
  • Smoke
  • Life saving
  • separate acetylene bottle trainer
  • separate barrel fire simulation built-in control monitor
The Tank

  • 7 cbm stainless steel mobile tank
  • 10 m rail system
  • Manhole for life saving
  • folding railing
  • Safety step grille
  • Height: 2.90 m
  • Length: 3.80 m
  • Service hatch
  • pluggable supply connections
  • own compressed air supply

  • 7 different combination leakages
  • real crack leakages
  • real flange tear-off leaks
  • Fluid leakage with
  • Button controlled  colour mix addition
  • can be combined with fire by push button
  • automatic pressure control
  • Acoustic signal for excessive boiler pressure

The flame thrower

The flame thrower

A flange has broken. Inflammable liquid shoots out of the tank and ignites This dangerous scenario becomes reality with the AISCO dangerous goods trainer and can still be trained safely.

Our flame thrower generates enormous horizontal flames with dramatic acoustics. Now it is time to capture this flame with a hollow jet pipe and close the industrial valve.

Incidentally, this exercise on the AISCO dangerous goods trainer is really tough, because not only the 10 meters long flames are difficult to control, the heat radiation at approx. 10 megawatts is also overwhelming!



1. The inflammable liquid fire

Inflammable liquid emerges from the tank through a crack, runs out from under the tank and ignites at the push of a button. The tank is in a pool of fire.

2. Barrel fire

The AISCO barrel fire trainer. 100 liter roll drums are set on fire and the inflammable barrel  liquid ignites at the push of a button.

3. AISCO acetylene cylinder trainer

The scenario:

  1. the acetylene is heated up
  2. due to high pressure, acetylene comes out as smoke
  3. the escaping acetylene ignites


Exercises as follows are safe with  push button control and with pausing possible at intervals: Hazard analysis through external temperature control, cylinder cooling or shooting the flame off.


Fire Brigade & AISCO, Europe’s most modern dangerous goods trainer