AISCO acetylene bottle trainer / C² H² GasTrainer

Realistic training with damaged acetylene cylinders has not been possible up until now.

Together with employees of professional fire services, AISCO took on the challenge of developing a training facility aimed at preventing acetylene cylinder explosions for operational personnel, such as fire brigades and management personnel in companies. The system helps identify damaged acetylene cylinders and trains professional decision aids.

The AISCO Acetylene Cylinder Trainer can vividly simulate how the internal temperature of the cylinder rises and the acetylene emerges as smoke and ignites, and it does this without any risk of danger at the touch of a button.

Comparison of simulation/reality

  1.  Cylinder is heated up => chemical decomposition of C2 H2 and its characteristics (heating)
    2. Mist escapes at the valve => discharge of chemical substances, visible smoke
    3. Flames escape from valve leak => ignition of escaping chemical substances at the valve

Technical specifications

Stand-alone acetylene cylinder trainer, consisting of:

  • Original cylinder with cylinder underframe
  • Control via a hand-held remote control
  • Gas and smoke fluids via easily interchangeable cartridges