AISCO acetylene bottle trainer / C² H² GasTrainer

Realistic trainings with damaged acetylene cylinders were not possible until now.

Together with professional fire brigade staff, AISCO took on the challenge of developing a training facility that aims to prevent acetylene cylinder explosions for operational personnel such as fire brigades and company executives. The system helps to identify damaged acetylene cylinders and trains spezialised decision-making.

The AISCO acetylene bottle trainer can vividly simulate how the inside temperature of the bottle rises, the acetylene emits smoke and ignites, and all this is completely harmless through being controlled by the push of a button.

Comparison Simulation / Reality

  1. Heating of the bottle => chemical decomposition of C2 H2 and its characteristics (heating)
  2. Mist discharge at the valve => leakage of chemical substances, visible smoke
  3. Flame escapes through valve leakage => the ignition of escaping chemical substances at the valve

Technical Data

Independent acetylene cylinder trainer, consisting of:

– Original cylinder with bottle chassis
– separate control panel to hold an 11 kg propane gas cylinder and control of the acetylene cylinder trainer with the following functions at the push of a button.